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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Waiting for mail

So I got an e-mail this morning that read: your Peace Corps toolkit has been updated... This news always jolts me. It's because while waiting for all my medical stuff, I hadn't seen any movement in this sector for a long time. Now that my medical is done, things have been speeding along, so I have been getting a lot of toolkit updates. Anyways, here's what today's toolkit update has told me:

I think this means that I'm going to find out the country I'm going to through this packet. Man now i'm really nervous... I'm thinking it's going to be Ukraine, because I looked at the departure dates for this fall, and since I've been assigned to the Eastern European sector, I think it's either going to be Ukraine in late September, or possibly Macedonia in October. Anyways, TOO DAMN EXCITED FOR MY OWN GOOD!

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