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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finishing life up in the city

Well, this is officially my last week in the city. I will be departing for my hometown of Nevada City next weekend. It's kind of crazy looking back at the past three years spent here in San Francisco, and how fast they sped by. I think it was the combination of school/work/and lots of play that really did that. I guess that's what's going to be happening in Ukraine too.

I need to figure out how to just slow time down inside myself. Every time I get to one of these junctions in my life, I feel like time starts to slow down for a bit, but once I'm in motion in a certain spot, it just flies, and before I know it the experience is over.

Here are some things I am going to miss about San Francisco:

1. The people- All the amazing folks I have met in the city. I will miss you all dearly. From my friends that I made at State, to my colleagues at Peets and Sports Basement, you guys were all super awesome, and our special connections will not be forgotten.

2. The Geography- Ok, well it has it's pros and cons, but I am trying my best in life right now to take away the positives from every experience, so here goes. San Francisco is placed in one of the most geographically intense places on earth in my honest opinion. This peninsula is just spectacular. It was hard at first getting used to the climate (really really cold summers, followed by pleasant falls, then really cold winters, springs, summers... rinse and repeat). Well, after getting used to it all, I think I finally realized that this is my type of climate. I mean, it's never too hot, and it's never really too cold. It tends to be a bit windy at times, but mostly, San Francisco is the ultimate climate for an athlete like myself. I mean, I ride my bike everywhere considering I don't own a vehicle anymore, and so this translates into me not really ever getting all that sweaty. Also, playing soccer in these conditions is optimal. I love it. Also, not to mention the amazing views from all the peaks in the city. And don't let me forget the amazing parks that dot the city, especially my beloved Golden Gate park that is literally half a block away from where I live right now. I have truly been blessed.

3. The tough nature of the city- This has been a blessing and a curse in my stay here in SF. I mean, like I said earlier, I am trying to focus on the positive, and in this case the positive was created by a negative. I think my time in SF has been bitter-sweet. I moved down here following my ex-girlfriend at the time, not really knowing what was awaiting me here in this city. The first year or so was a struggle, I didn't know what I was doing really, and what I really wanted from my experience here. After we broke up, I moved out on my own, and that was when I really hit the wall. San Francisco, as a city has so many amazing aspects, but there is one aspect that is kind of an unspoken fact: SF is an intense place to live. The people, the atmosphere, everything here is very fast paced and in your face. So living on my own, I had no filter (we had lived a pretty domesticated life, something I was very acquainted with, and on my own it was as if this option was tugged out from under my feet). I found myself going out constantly, pushing myself to the limit, and in turn falling many times into deep depression. Looking back it all now, I see it for the better. I learned a lot of life lessons about myself and what my limits are, and who I really am. Being alone was the main lesson I learned from this whole experience of living in the city. Being in a big metropolitan city can be the most engaging, and the most isolating experience. There is so much going on, that a lot of times we over look our fellow neighbors, and even room-mates. I have come to understand that learning to be alone is going to be something that is invaluable in life. Having quality alone time, and enjoying it is what it's all about. Inner-monologues, solving problems on your own, teaching yourself to grow, it's all about that. Learning to fulfill you're own needs is the greatest thing I have ever experienced. San Francisco- to you I owe all of this, and I thank and love you for it.

Finally, I will be having a little shindig in my beloved GG park this saturday with all of those whom I have met over the past 3 years. It will be fun, and hopefully, just maybe, the sun will bless us with its presence. I really hope it will. Even if it doesn't, I still will miss this place immensely when I'm gone.

I love you San Francisco, please never change.

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  1. Sounds like you really found your niche, a place to call home in SF. And I'm with ya on the parks - so amazing - many a great afternoon/evening in Dolores with that incredible backdrop!