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Friday, August 6, 2010

Packing, Waiting, Dreaming

Roughly one and a half months left 'til departure. So many things going on. A good friend of mine just sublet my roomate's room while he is Costa Rica, and the last week has been all about moving him in. Just reminds me why I hate moving so much. But in contrast, this move back home from the city should be pretty mellow. I'm leaving most of my stuff in the city, so there is not too much for me to take. Just some books and other odds and ends. Life has been really good recently, very positive. I think I have taken the city for granted for a while now, and this last month is going to be great because I am taking full advantage of the wonderful things to be had here. I have been biking much more, as I should, considering I work at a bike shop. I have also been cooking more, and trying to explore the city more with Katie. It's been good times here. I will never forget what San Francisco has done for me. It really has matured me way more than I would have imagined.

So now, I play the waiting game. I am supposed to hear from SATO travel which is the Peace Corps' branch of travel. They are supposed to send me some tickets within the month. That's pretty much the final straw before I get up out of here. It's crazy to think I will be leaving for Ukraine in less than 2 months! Weird.

I've also been dreaming a lot recently. Considering my mother is a dream therapist, I do not take dreams for granted. I have had some weird dreams about haunted houses, playing professional baseball, and traveling back in time. I feel like I am going through the transition of a life time, and this culminating experience of leaving is probably the driving force behind all these subconscious thoughts. Also, those of you that have watched the movie Inception, know that dreams are not something to be messed with. The other night, I had a dream that a woman was talking to me about how awesome I am, and that I am really growing up. It was crazy, because midway through her sentence I remember turning to her and saying: "I know these things already, remember? You're just part of myself." She proceeded to smile and just walk away as if she had nothing else to tell me. It was intense because now that I think about it, I have never taken control of my dream before this way. As if to tell myself, "Hey, I know who I am, you don't have to remind me."

I feel like the dream above underlines this period in my life: I know who I am, and I know where and why i'm going. The countdown is nigh.

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  1. Hi Nitai,

    I came across your blog on peacecorpsjournals.com and I too am going to Ukraine in Sept. Just wondering what your orientation date is?