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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last few days in D.C.

So this is really it now. Last day in the U.S. for a while. However, I'm more ready than ever. After a crazy day of journeying starting at 3am last night, I made it to the Holliday Inn that we're staying at in D.C. at around 5pm local time. About a 12 hour trip all together, from home to the hotel. I was beat to say the least. However, it definitely helped to have two fellow pc's that had the same flight as me. After we arrived to the hotel, we went out for a walk around the town. I must say, i'm pretty impressed with this place so far. It's quite beautiful. The weather however is kinda insane- super hot and humid- reminds me a lot of Tel Aviv in the Summer/Fall. Later on, we met up with some more pc's and went out to dinner at a little Spanish restaurant downtown. The food was bomb! I ordered way more than I could eat knowing that it would be one of the last exotic meals in a while. The Beet salad and seared Ahi tuna that I ordered were pretty bomb, to say the least.
PC group 40 1/2 (as we self proclaimed ourselves)
Beet Salad and spicy potatoes
By the end of the day I was really really beat and just crashed. I got a great night sleep last night, and had the room to myself due to the fact that the guy who was supposed to share my rooms flight got delayed big time, so he ended up not getting her until about half an hour ago. Today we are going to do the actual "staging" and get to know all the pcv's (peace corps volunteers) so that should be cool. Hopefully i'll make out to the monuments this evening.

I'm realizing now that this could be my last post in the states. I'm really excited to get overseas finally, this is it. I'm finally tasting the fruits of my labor over the past year, and let me tell you, they taste very sweet indeed. Thanks again to all the support from my family and friends. Without you guys I don't think I would be here in the position that I am today. I feel extremely fortunate.

I will try and keep you all posted once I get to Ukraine, so stay connected.

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