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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last Few Weeks in the States

I just typed the title, and realized: holy crap... less than 3 weeks 'til i leave for D.C. It's kind of a crazy feeling. I don't even really know how to describe it. I'd say it's something like an ecstatic insomnia combined with bouts of miserable worrying about random insignificant tid bits.

To say the least, my last few months have jetted by with insane speed. From packing up in San Francisco, saying goodbye to everyone, and getting my "stuff" in order, there hasn't been too much downtime in life. I just came back from an 8 day trip with my family to Oregon and Washington. To say the least, the trip was an enormous success. I had never visited Portland or Seattle before, so getting to venture around was great. I learned a lot about myself and my family, and i'd say a lot about this country i've grown to love so much. I will truly be missing it. On the way up through Oregon I think it was, I saw a barn with a big American flag on the roof, stating "God Bless America". I chuckled at first, but now that I think about it, i feel the same way... i truly love this place, and feel extremely blessed that I can call it my home.

Barn With Flag- Somewhere in Oregon

However, I am extremely eager to embark on what I believe will be one of the most rewarding two year periods of my life, and realize that these last few weeks will be bitter-sweet, saying goodbye to family and friends. I am going to go visit my grandma this next week for a few days, and i'm starting to realize there might not be all that much time left with her. So i'm realizing the value of every little moment in life, and see the benefits of living in the moment and loving every little thing that come my way.

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