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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As the title so aptly advertises, this entry is all about technology. Yes it's all around us. It doesn't stop advancing either. Recently (in the past 20 years, i'd say) it has been advancing in leaps and bounds, and from not having any internet until I was about 12 or 13, to having a cell phone that can tell me which way to turn in order to get to my doctors office, I'd say humanity has come to a cross roads with technology.

I'm writing this, because i'm down at my grandparents house in southern california right now, and these past few days has opened my eyes to how we relate to the world. Don't get me wrong, my grandparents are the types who don't know how to use a fax machine, they are very capable. But, the scary thing is, they have more gadgets than I do. I mean, I consider myself a pretty big geek. I tend to have top of the line stuff, like laptops, cameras, phones, etc. Well, they beat me.

It turns out that my grandma has a 54" plasma screen t.v., a brand new 4G Iphone, a brand new Ipad, a brand new macbook, and a crap ton of other camera equipment that i won't even start to name off, because it will make me more jealous.

Anyways, not that I need any of her stuff, considering I'm leaving to go to Ukraine now for two years, but it's all made me realize how "connected" we are to this imaginary tube of information floating out there somewhere. I mean, i guess it's not floating, it's all in servers scattered all over the world, but still, you know what I mean.

I have come to realize, that we are all getting sucked tighter and tighter into this imaginary web that we call the internet, and I start to see how this may be very comforting while overseas. I mean, getting in touch with my family through communication portals such as skype and facebook are going to be extremely instrumental. I can't imagine what it would have been like 20 years ago before the internet as a PCV. I mean, I can imagine, but this technology is definitely going to soften the blow of isolation.

It was pretty funny watching my grandma use skype for the first time the other night. Watching her eyes light up when she saw my moms face on the other side, as if she could just touch her, feel her, just because she was there on the screen. She comes from a whole different generation, so for her it isn't for granted. Maybe that's why she's loading up on all the goodies. Good for her.

Anyways, yeah, just thought I'd share my insight on the latest craze of technology in my life, I mean, I feel like there are like 10 computers for every person in my family, if I count all the computers my family has in our house and garage, I think it amounts to about 20 (this is including Ipads and smart phones... yes they count as computers). So that is about 3.5 computers per person... I guess we just want a lot of thinking power. Let's just hope I have some kind of decent connection in Ukraine, or else: DARK AGES!!!


  1. Your grandma sounds awesome! My mom can barely figure out how to "fix" the internet when the ethernet cable gets accidentally unplugged from her computer. And my parents were the same way about Skype, they now love it and use it to talk to our family in Taiwan :)

  2. oh man, tell me about "fixing" the internet... haha, yeah it's going to be a trip if we don't have internet at all over there, it's going to be difficult at first I imagine, but extremely rewarding in the long run due to the fact that I feel like the Internet takes away from our own knowledge database, so we don't have to memorize anything anymore. I mean, directions, recipes, phone numbers, all in the palm of our hands in the form of smart phones nowadays. Not having that is going to make us use our brains more, as I feel we should. Crazy to think of life without broadband...