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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kiev! (round 2)

Went back to Kiev yesterday. This weekend we got 2 days off due to the fact that our group is one tech session ahead of everyone else. It was really nice to have a day dedicated to just exploring, having fun, not worrying about any language or lesson planning.

Alison, Katie and I left at around 10:30 from Obukhiv and went straight to the PC office to drop some forms off for Katie. After that, it was really just whatever we felt like doing. I wanted to find a bazaar where I could buy a jacket and some shoes, but that plan never really fully materialzed, so we ended up on a treasure hunt trying to find an "Argentinian" restaurant on the other side of the city. We actually ended up finding the street and everything, but the restaurant had already closed! No big deal, we ended up eating at some little grill restaurant that wasn't too pricey (like the rest of Kiev).

We took the metro back to the center and met up with the other group who had been in Kiev all day as well. We walked around and went to some irish pub that was pretty nice. We called it a night after that, and all went home.

To be honest, I was exhausted, I'm not used to just wandering around (it's called gulyat in Russian, to literally "stroll"). Everyone in Ukraine does it on the weekend. People just wander around. It's their form of exercise. So I must admit, I felt quite Ukrainian yesterday! haha

Here are some pictures of the day in progress:

Alison with our guidebook ready to go!

Alison and Katie ready to go!

View from the botanical gardens

Babushkas selling flowers

Church stop #1

Waiting for me to come out of the church (girls need to wear headscarfs inside the churches in Ukraine, and these two didn't come prepared... looks like the girls sitting next to them didn't come prepared either...)

Meat Market

And Fruit...

And Spices...

More spices...

Katie is uber-excited for Garry Potter!!! (there is no "H" in Ukrainian, only a G that is supposed to be silent, but isn't really silent... for example: Hamburger= Gamburger Harry Potter= Garry Potter, etc.)

I could possibly use this in an English class...

Church stop #2

"God" and I

Me going in

So this lady was a serious character. This fountain is for making wishes, you put your coin on the little water faucet and it falls in and you make a wish. Well, this lady would just come up and take the money after it fell in and put it in her cup... no one was pissed so i guess it's what she always does? Alison felt like her wishes were being stolen though...

Alisons wish before it was stolen...

Wishers whose wishes are being stolen...

On our way to the Argentinian restaurant... Alison asking priests for directions

A truly Ukrainian slogan... take a bottle of vodka and throw your fishing rod into the river... what a life!

Main street at night

Alison y yo

Warren and the pretty lights

This is where i decided to have fun with photoshop

Alison is getting molested by the coffee dude while katie drinks from his cup

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