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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Work work work, and some more work!

Here we go! This is kind of the homestretch of PST. The "finals" if you will. It's like being in college all over again. Studying like mad for russian language class, while planning 3 lessons for next weeks classes while trying to coordinate a community event.

Phew! The day is done, and it was very gratifying to say the least, but I am beat! Woke up at 6am, prepared more materials for my classes today, didn't even have time to have breakfast and then taught three classes straight. It was really great, and i'm glad to say it was all totally worth it.

Furthermore, I taught my first class solo today. No co-teacher, no homeroom teacher, nothing. Just me (and my TCF who monitored my lesson). I taught them about accessories in the context of possession. The lesson went really well, and I even got a present from one of the students at the end of class in the form of a fake 100 dollar bill with obama on it swatting a fly... i guess that's the image that Ukrainians associate our boy Obama with... haha.

Anyways, taught the usual 10th form and 6th form, both went well. Taught 10th form about Olympics and 6th about "School Life", a topic I am quickly tiring of due to the fact I have taught it for the past 4 weeks.

I finally got some pictures of me from a few weeks ago teaching a class, so here they are, plus some other random pictures I acquired from my friend Alison's blog.

до свидания! пака! (see ya!)

The two Obukhiv clusters the day we met the Mayor of Obukhiv

Gingers unite on cooking day to creat a special delicacy dubbed: "Ginger Balls"
(Ginger meatballs)

The Obukhiv Dva crew cooking it up at our LCF's pad

Obukhiv Dva at Adam's house for his 22nd bday

Me teaching my first class!

Rocky and I teaching 6th grade about "camping" (my specialty! :D)

They don't look too interested... oh well

I look lost- bazaar of Obukhiv

The Obukhiv crew on Halloween
Me and my buddy Warren
Me being a pyro!

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