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Friday, December 24, 2010

Armyansk- First of many photo sets

Yesterday was my last day at school before the holiday break starts. I met all of my classes, and must say that I am really really pleased to be at Schoool #1. The kids are energetic, friendly and very curious!

I was fortunate enough to get out of class pretty early, considering I only have a couple of classes on Thursday, and walked around for a while photographing most of the town- which isn't too hard to do, considering it's only like a half an hour by foot from side to side.

Here are some of the pictures:

4th Form studying

Dasha Teaching (she needed pictures for a teachers competition, so I gladly took them for her)

School #1 Christmas Party

Nastya (Dasha's daughter) the rabbit (zaychick)

"Ded Marose" ("Grandfather cold", i think that's how it gets translated)

The huge plane statue in the center of town- not quite sure of the story behind it yet...
So there are these little wooden statues carved out from old dead trees all over the town, i am planning on taking pictures of all of them and making a collage to give to the city hall- here are a few of them, there are at least 100 more all over Armyansk.

Shopping district

Preferred mode of transportation- in front of the local bazaar
Bus stop

"Titans" football stadium

The canal near my house

The path home

Michael Walter- my site mate who taught me how to make onion rings!
PCV party at Michaels house
Don't try to mess with his onion rings...
Onion vision

School #1 10th and 9th form dance

Dasha (yes there are 2 english teaching dasha's at my school) dancing with a student

9th form girls

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  1. I love the wood carvings all Around Armyansk the man who dose them is near and dear to me. he is my father in-law.