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Friday, December 17, 2010

Armyansk- PCV status

Yes indeed, I've finally reached the promised land of PCV-status! It's been a crazy last year getting to this point, and I'm sure the craziness will not end- but... I FEEL FRIGGIN' AWESOME!

So happy to be here and to be wanted and needed by this community. I really have high hopes of Armiansk, which is a small town of 25,000 in the Northern Crimea Oblast. My school is right down the street from my apartment- which let me tell you is quite awesome. I have high speed internet, which is like a blessing and curse- but i think more of a blessing considering I can use it to get a lot of teaching materials.

My school is pretty small, only 550 students or so- my counterpart- Dasha is a sweet woman, and she has helped me so much- from picking me up in Kiev, to helping me lug my crap around from train to marshutka to my house. I truly have been blessed- tonight she cooked me an awesome dinner, which I plan to repay her with a dinner of my own. Yes! I can cook now, I'm really excited. My kitchen is a bit small, but it has a gas stove, which I love, because I have been living with electric stoves for the last few years.

Furthermore, my apartment has hot, running water, which cannot be taken for granted while serving in the PC. My apartment is in the north-eastern part of the town, but because Armyansk is so small I can get around quite easily. There is a bazaar and a bunch of other little stores strewn out across town- plus theres a supposedly awesome cafeteria down the street that has super cheap food that's pretty tasty. Theres also another PCV living across town named Michael. He is in the Youth Developement program, and working with a local organization. He was super nice, and came over today to show me around. Tomorrow we will go exploring some more.

The weather has been kind of crazy, it was snowy when we got here, but now it's starting to melt and theres huge pools of icy water everywhere. Thank god for my water-proof boots, don't think I could make it without them.

All in all, I'm thoroughly exhausted, but super happy- I really am excited for the next two years of my life- I don't remember the last time when I had such excited emotions. I am missing a lot of my friends from PST, but I think we are all real happy to finally be doing what we came here to do- GOOD!

Love and miss you all, I'll be posting pics of the ceremony and of the town real soon-


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