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Thursday, December 2, 2010

даня день рождения (Danya's Birthday)

This last weekend was Luba's grandson's 1st birthday. It was held at a little Georgian restaurant in Obukhiv. The food was very good, and the company was even better. I got a bunch of shots of a typical "Ukrainian birthday". It was really funny because they got a whole suit outfit for Danya- he looked like a proper man. I think I may just take up that custom, dressing up babies is the funniest thing, but Ukrainians are taught from a very early age that you don't mess around with clothing- you only wear the best!

It was funny, because I don't normally dress up to go out. I mean, in american terms I kinda do- I'll throw on a button up shirt and some dark jeans or something. Ukrainians put us Americans to shame with their clothing. Everyhing is impecabbly pressed with the utmost care- attention to detail is huge, they are very color-coordinated, even within couples. Also, they make sure that their are no loose ends, such as shirts or collars that look funny. They will tell you right away if your look is a bit off putting- For example, I didn't notice, but as I was taking off my jacket to take for the coat check, I must have undone the back of my shirt. Sasha, Luba's son-in-law, immediately pulled me aside and told me.

But hey, enough rambling about clothes. Here are some pictures from the birthday party:

Probably my favorite pic of Tolik and Daninka together

Katya- being a funny little brat as usual!

The birthday boy in his birthday suit- he's stoked!

Rusya and Danya

Igor and Danya

Interesting Ukrainian tradition where they cut a peice of the hair to keep in an album or something like that- not quite sure- they also balanced cash on his head

Now you know where the handsome boy gets his looks from!

The Novikova familia (could be a good name for a Ukrainian soap dontcha think?)

Blessing the birthday boy

Beautiful Danya

The Ladies

Leira getting her dance moves on

Tolik looks like a straight up G when he goes out with his winter hat on- i'm buying me one of those soon- they are warmer than anything i've ever felt in my life, I think it may just save my life this winter!

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  1. I love this set of pictures! It's nice to be able to see what you're seeing =)
    I miss you so much!