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Monday, December 20, 2010

My Apartment!!!

I met my first four classes today at School #1. The kids seemed really nice, and even though I was really tired I felt really excited about the prospect of teaching again (even though it has been 3 weeks or so since I last taught, it feels like forever). Here are some pics of my apartment and the community map I made for my ELF (Emergency Locator Form) that PC requires of us.

My Kitchen

My Living Room (yes it's messy still, I haven't been able to fully unpack due to the fact that I'm getting a new wardrobe this next weekend- so don't judge!)
My desk and porch (it's behind those curtains)
Front door and hallway (bathroom is on the left)

My beautiful pink-themed bathroom! Yes, I'm stylish like that.

My ELF form in all its glory!


  1. Mmm pepto bismal pink toilet. I feel better already!
    Cute apartment!

  2. Do you need anything? I mean, can we send you stuff or is that wrong? Toilet paper, energy drinks, socks, chocolate bars, French porn DVDs? Yes, Golly Gosh Darn it - I'm serious!

  3. @ Brooke- Yes, the pepto bismal toilet remedies anything by just sitting on it... @ Brad Nitai at pc donations are always accepted! I could always use some french porn! ;) ;)
    My address is:
    Нитай Виницкий
    ул.Железнодорожная 4, кв.35
    Армянск, 96012
    АК Крым

    You're gonna probably want to just print that out and tape it to whatever your gonna send- make sure that "ukraine" is in English!

  4. Is that natural light? The photos look beautiful. I'm looking at some houses for rent in Palm Harbor, Florida for my long vacation with my whole family this coming summer. While hunting, I remember the time when I stayed in Crimea when I visited my aunt. How I miss those days. Your bathroom is cute. Hehe!