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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Icy Black

My friend Courtney came up this weekend to visit me. We hung out, watched movies, cooked, walked around, and most importantly- slid around on the black sea. Yeah that's right, I Nitai Vinitzky have WALKED ON the black sea! If you're intrigued- read on...

My counterpart Dasha sent me an e-mail saturday night saying: I want to show you a place that you haven't seen yet. So me and Courtney headed over to Dasha's Sunday morning. Dasha had a big smile on her face- "You guys ok with taking a cab?" she asked non-chalantly. Uhm, ok we both responded, unsure of what this adventure entailed.

"I'm taking you to the bay" Dasha said as we climbed into the cab. "Ok" i thought in my mind- "What exactly are we going to do next to the bay at this time of the year?" I thought to myself, a bit confused as to why we were taking a fairly expensive cab to just look at the cold ocean.

As we neared the bay, I could see a strange white flickr coming off the surface. It looked like... maybe? No, i couldn't beleive my eyes! The bay was frozen SOLID with ice. I could see a couple standing out about 40 feet talking to each other on the ice. Another group of kids was running around the shore and onto the ice, sliding on their butts as they made their way across the bay.

I was in shock. My heart pounded, I felt like a little kid being given a brand new toy. "IT'S FROZEN SOLID?!" I yelled. I looked at Courtney, she was grinning from ear to ear. We ran out on the Ice, a bit apprenhesive at first, I thought- Oh shit, I'm gonna fall through! I heard a bit of cracking, but I had to try this. As we headed out, the ice got thicker and thicker, and also more slippery.

I ran and skidded for a few feet. It was heaven. Ice as far as the eye could see. "I think it's frozen all the way across", Courtney beamed. "Maybe about 5 kilometers" said Dasha. "Let's GO!!!" I screamed at them, and started to run like an adolescent getting out of class for recess.

We spent the day frolicking around the ice, and trying to find the "best spot" for sliding. At one point a couple guys came out on a little moped and started speeding around, as if it were the salt flats.

It was a great day. The sun came out, and so did the little kid in me. I'm thinking of taking a bike down there while it's still frozen and trying to ride straight across- who knows, maybe i'll make it to Odessa!

Yeah, It was a bit scary... but well worth it!

Talking couple

Courtney grinning like a little kid :D

Dasha and I


Dasha Sliding


Cracked ice- photo taken by Courtney

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  1. DUDE!!! That looks like so much dang fun!! Молодцы!