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Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Ukrainian photo-story (kinda)

To all my beloved blog-readers. I must begin this post with an apology. I have been super busy of lately, and have completely neglected my blog that I have vehemently kept up with... until recently.

Well all that has changed, and I am back, and not without any good material either. I finally did a short photo essay today, and am damn proud of it too.

One of my students asked me if I could help him with a project chronicling some of the remote, and "ethnic" parts of Armyansk. Of course I obliged, and today I set out with him and two of my other 10th form students.

It turned into more of a lets-walk-around-and-do-random-things-while-taking-pictures-day. My favorite kind, of course. We found some random statues, climbed down some sketchy bridges, waded into a filthy dead-cat infested canal, and many other small adventures.

Anyways, I ended up taking way more pictures of them rather than any of the scenery in the area, but I did get a couple of "ethnic" shots- at least in my opinion.

Heres to hoping he wins first place, as far as I know it's just a city-hall competition.


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  1. Some GREAT shots on this one! Thanks for sharing!