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Friday, May 27, 2011

Последний звонок! (Last Bell!)

So I lied. But it's a lie that errs on the side of good fortunately. I thought that the last post would be the final one in a while, but today I got some great photos of my students' graduation, and decided to quickly throw them up before my hectic weekend starts.

It was a beautiful day in Armyansk, and it was great to see a cultural tradition of "ringing of the last bell" where students and teachers alike gather and get recognized for their hard work.

Here's to the last day of school and the beginning of summer!

Much Love,


The "football" crew.
The two beautiful Dasha's, both English teachers, both goddesses.

The ladies.
Romchik, Denis and Yulia making us all laugh.
Director and staff.
Dashinka getting the first of her 2 awards! WOOOOOO!
Dasha and her mom.
Savekina getting her award! Congratulations!

Oleg knows what the ladies like...

That's it! Last bell!

Crew shot.
Danil, Senya and Myself (I just realized i'm the shortest in the picture...)
Danil being a ladies man.
Kristina and I
Zarina and I.

The teaching staff getting down at the annual last bell dance.
Savekina and oranges mix well!
Lets Kushayt! (eat)
Me and Dashinka
Vodka+Teachers= Good times

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