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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Веснa пришла!

Yes, Spring has fully arrived to Armyansk. It's official. The weather has been nuts. Yesterday for example it was warm and sunny in the morning. As soon as I stepped out to go to soccer training, a strong wind started to blow, and thunderclouds appeared out of nowhere. All of a sudden a crack of lightning bolted down in my vicinity, and the skies opened up dousing me with warm spring rain. I was elated. Skipping to practice in the rain, I was like a little boy again. As soon as I got to practice the rain stopped, but the lightning persisted.

I love how warm it's become. There are many benefits to this weather. First and foremost- not playing soccer in the snow. Secondly, being able to buy all sorts of fresh veggies at the local market for half, if not quarter the price I was paying only several months ago.

Anyways, got back home recently, made myself an amazing fresh vegetable salad, which has been a rarity in my diet since arriving in Armyansk. Life is good in this hood, and can't wait for summer to begin already- the beach is beckoning!

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