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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Safta time!

Yes that's right- my grandma came to visit me!!! She totally surprised me and told me she was coming about a week in advance. I was thrilled, and got the royal treatment from her- got to eat at restaurants, got to travel with her to Yalta to the botanical gardens and the Lavadia Palace (the place where the Yalta convention was held).

Anyways, the weekend was a success, and I felt very loved and nurtured. Now back to the last few days of school before summer (I will miss the teachers and my students very much!), and i'm off to a camp on the beach here in crimea which promises to have a ping-pong table and a swimming pool! Good times are to be had for sure this summer!

Update on Armyansk: IT IS HOT! The weather has been quite crazy too, with strange thunderstorms in the afternoon and lots of humidity. I like the change of weather, but it is also causing a lot of allergies from the pollen that gets thrown into the air with the occasional showers.

Excited and awaiting summer, I will bid you all adieu, and warn that I will probably not be able to update my blog now for the next month or so due to camps/traveling. Until next time, Much love and peace from Armyansk!

Gursuf and the "drinking bear" mountain in the background.
My grandparents, Adrienne (my friend from Simferopol), Judy (Adrienne's mom), and Barbara also a PCV from Simferopol

Classic bab in front of lavadia

My favorite salad: Olivier!

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