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Saturday, June 18, 2011

9th form graduation!

Yesterday our 9th form had it's graduation at school. Here are some shots:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Camp #1

Hey all-

So I'm back from summer camp. It was truly a blast. I can't really begin to explain all the things I did there, so I will sum it up briefly.

First I went to Simferopol and hung out with Adrienne, who was leading the camp (it was her schools camp to be precise). We celebrated her birthday and then headed out for Chernomorskaya, which is a small resort-like town on the western coast of Crimea where our camp was to be held.

We got there a day early and just kicked it by the pool and went to the beach for a bit. The beach there was a amazing, and the water was crystal clear.

The first wave of kids from 5th and 6th grades showed up for the first week, and they were awesome. We had three different groups. I had red team, Adrienne had the green team, and Whitney had the Yellow team. The kids had three different classes each day, consisting of Debate, Music and Art. I taught the Art portion and was surprised to find that my art skills were still intact after not using them for about a few years.

I taught them about shading, light, and of course how to use various types of art mediums such as charcoal, water colors, colored pencils, acrylics, etc. We also got to make some collages and portraits.

The next week the older kids arrived from the 7th and 8th grades. They were awesome, but less cooperative than the younger kids. I liked all the kids though, and felt like they really liked me back. They all gave me huge hugs before we said goodbye, and I truly feel like the two weeks were a huge success.

Below are some photos from the two weeks that I deemed the best from my stay there. I hope you all enjoy them.

Til' next time

Love and Peace from the beaches of beautiful Crimea-

Nitai AKA Scholes
(my students at camp called me Scholes after Paul Scholes from Manchester United- my favorite football player of all time).

Week 1

Yes, Che has made it to Ukraine in the form of a hotel known as "Uncle Che -rnomor" (A play on words due to the towns name: Chernomorskaya)
First group: Team "Hearts"

Group photo

Team photo with me in it

Team Cactus face
Football- my favorite sport
Our wonderful tour guide whom we dubbed the "Ukrainian Indiana Jones" Losha and our kids in Djambool. Apparently this place is known to have strong "spiritual" energies, and wizards and witches from around the world come here to energize from it's powers.

Got me some rock climbing in
Taking a whack at our home-made pinata
Beach chillin'

Week 2

My Second Group- Team "Shrek"

Ping pong tournies every day
This dog Chelsea was so cute, but it wouldn't move from our field when we tried to play games
Yes, our very own Statue of Liberty in Ukraine
I can do that...
Dennis had some bad luck with waves... here's wave one that got him

And here's wave number two that I thought might kill him actually... good thing he didn't fall into the ocean or I would have had to jump in after him. Friggin' guy.

Paper Crane Toss

Where's Kolya?
Whitney Farmer- Golden
Lord of the Flies- Ukrainian variant.