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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hey all!

I am back from Poland and all the craziness of summer camps- FINALLY. I can't tell you all how accomplished and how exhausted I feel. I just returned a few days ago, and haven't had a whole lot of time to even upload anything... but I finally got around to it today.

Anyways, ABC camp was a blast- I met some of the coolest people I think i'll ever get to meet in PC Ukraine, and also some of the most gifted kids. It really raised the bar on my level of involvement in this country, and I came back to site full of inspiration and new ideas on how to improve my level of community involvement.

Here's a link to the blog filled with pictures and videos- http://abccampukraine.blogspot.com/

Furthermore, I got to go to Poland. I really enjoyed my time there. It is a really fascinating country to visit, and for me in particular, due to almost 100% of my family roots can be traced back to that country. I only got to visit Krakow. I got to do some day-trips from there to Auschwitz and the salt mines, both of which were really amazing. Anyways, below are photo albums- I am now using Picasa for all my photos due to the convenience of just uploading through my google account- I think it's more attractive and easier to use too for my blog-subscribers...

Finally, summer is coming to a close. I have about a month left before school starts again, and I feel really excited about this upcoming school year. I feel like i'm finally integrating into Ukraine, and really starting to understand the people here, so that should help me a lot in the way that I approach my students.

All in all, life is good- went to the beach this morning with my closest Ukrainian friends, and have been really feeling like Armyansk is now home. Life is not necessarily easy, but that's not what I'm looking for at this moment in my life, and I feel like everything i'm doing is right for me at this point in time.

Below i've linked the two albums from Krakow and Auschwitz, respectively. I hope you enjoy them, and I really miss you all- i've been dreaming about the Yuba these past few days, so a request to all of you native NC'ers- please, the next time you dip into that lovely river that you all know I cherish so much, THINK OF ME!!!

Always lovin' and peacin'-




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  1. Thanks for sharing Nitai...I have been planning a visit next year to both Auschwitz and the Salt mines and appreciate your input.