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Sunday, March 11, 2012

KBH Comedy

Today I was invited to photograph my students in what's called "KVN". KVN is short for something, but this something has not been discovered by yours truly as of yet. In short, it is a competition between teams given a theme, such as "song" "dance" or "skit about something specific", and they must complete each task as a team. The themes were extremely funny, and I think one of them was babushka's on marshutkas or something along those lines.

One of my students ended up winning, and my best friend Lilya's team got second. They were all extremely funny, and at one point I choked on my sprite I laughed so hard. My favorite skit had to be "Hindi Harry Potter" where two guys dressed up as harry potter and draco malfoy (i think) were about to dual with wands, but at the last moment busted out some hindi bollywood dancing using their wands as flutes instead- I lost it completely, I think I rolled on the floor.

It just goes to show you, many people think of Ukrainian/Eastern Europeans to be so dull and serious, but here they were making me laugh harder than i've ever laughed in my life. Take that stereo-types.

To my students and friends who were part of this show, BRAVO!

Here are some pictures that didn't capture nearly as much hilarity that occured this afternoon:

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