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Sunday, May 13, 2012

11th form Graduation

So let me tell you all about the extravaganza that is 11th form graduation in Ukraine.

It's like a combination of Junior Prom wrapped up in a parade and giant eating fest all wrapped up in one. The evening began with everyone meeting at my school at 5 o'clock. We then paraded around the town for about half an hour, finally reaching the center. There was dancing, singing, and many awards were given over the span of 2 hours. Then we marched to the local statue of a tank and laid flowers. After that, we came back to school for another award ceremony that lasted for another 2 hours.

At around 10 o'clock we started the feasting and dancing that lasted until about 4 in the morning. After this, the 11th form classes went out to our local canal in a tradition where they welcomed the new day while watching the sunrise. I unfortunately didn't make it that late, but I heard it was very emotional and worthwhile.

I must say, I will miss my 11th formers. I feel like i've watched them grow and mature in such a meaningful way, that to see them leave school fills me full of pride. They are thoughtful, resourceful and very intelligent, and i've loved getting to know each and every one of them.

Here's to you my 11th formers, good luck and don't forget who taught you English when you become billionaires :)

My adorable 2nd formers.
Balloon girls

1st formers saying goodbye to the 11th formers.

Final bell trinkets.

The traditional final waltz.

Bye bye balloons.

There it is, they're done.

Grisha lookin' fly.

Fifth formers flashin' their gang signs.

Whose girl is that? wooooot!

Oh yeah, she's mine... you can call me Nitai Bond.

My neighbor teaches this cute 2nd form class.

The wonderful Nastya and myself. Again.

Some of my favorite students.

And again.

And again.

Denis and Oleg with our wonderful Director: Luidmila Nikolevna.

What a cutie.

From left: Oleg, Roma, Me, Julia, Nastya.

The final waltz, 11B.

Nastya, our art teacher and one of my friends.

The superwoman: Daria Victorovna. She stayed up all night doing grades the night before. I admire the crap out of this woman. SUPERVICTORVNA!

Us parading around town looking fly.

Ruslan and Christina.

Our awesome faculty.

Roma and Julia. With Vasya lookin on.

Zaharov, Cherep and Nina.

Misha and his date. Misha will be moving to Israel, he is awesome.

We have some pretty teachers at my school. I mean, no big deal, we're just genetically superior ;)

Daria Ginadivna and her son Kirill.

Lift Dimon lift!

Yeah, we're celebrities over here.

The whole School No. 1 crew.

Feet are getting sore from standing for so long.


Danil and Dima, two of my favorite boys.



Misha Waltzin'

More balloons.

Lotsa balloons.

Superwoman leading the way.


Ukraine breeds some pretty ladies. Not that you didn't know that already by looking at the above photo. 

Roma and Julia.
The 11A gang.


Super woman saying some final words.
Sanya and his mom dancing.

What did you say?

Denis and his GF Nastya.

Banana showdown. This game involved drawing your banana form your pocket in a wild-west fashion. The one to eat their banana first won.

Dima, one of my best students and friends. I'll miss you buddy.

Lined up.

Superwoman acknowledging her super-powers.


Andrey and his fam.

Dasha, Katya and Kiril.

Dasha and Elena Petrovna, who used to teach me Russian when I first got here.

Zaharov eating his banana like a boss.

Den, me, Oleg and Dima. Man i'll miss you guys. 


Oh heeyyyyyyy.

Power stance.

Using her medals to kill people, Julia is awesome.

Julia and I. We're pretty hawt.

Kirill hittin' on my GF. I have competition.
Love Mr. Nitai