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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Euro 2012 in Donetsk

As some of you may know, the Euro 2012 is this month. We are already about two weeks into it, and I was fortunate enough to get two tickets to go up north to the cole-mining town of Donetsk to see two of the games.

The first game I went to was England vs France, the second was Ukraine vs France. They were both really great to see. I have never been to a big international tournament such as this one, so it was a real treat for me, a big football fan to be able to see some of the greatest players on earth duke it out live.
Below are some photos from the games as well as a couple of videos I thought were cool. Enjoy!

Started the week off by making my personal favorite Ukrainian food: "Shashlik" Which are essentially skewers of meat over an open fire. Delicious.

There they are in all their glory :)

Watching Spain play Italy in the Donetsk Fan Zone. Lots of drunk Europeans= great atmosphere!

Getting stoked for the England vs France game!

Heading into Donbass Arena- In my opinion one of the nicest stadiums ever.

Getting a quick shot in before the game.

ENGLAND ENGLAND ENGLAND! Too bad it was a 1-1 draw :(

Video #1: My view of the Ukraine vs France game
Video #2: Ukrainian fans going wild after Ukraine beat Sweden 2-1 in Kiev.

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