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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bay Day

Zaliv means "bay" in Russian, and fortunately for me I have one not 5k from my house. These pictures are a bit outdated already, but I will put them up anyways due to the fact that I love them (I got a new 35mm lens when I was in Israel and i've been dying to try it out, let me know what you think).

This day was great. My friend Zhenya came and picked us up in his car and drove us down to the bay where we barbecued "shashlik" (meat skewers), swam and played volleyball all day. Oh and of course drank lots of delicious Ukrainian beer. To all of you who are reading this in Ukraine and haven't tried out Obolon "живе" it's time to give it a shot. It's hands down the best beer i've had in the country (out of a bottle that is).

Anyways, here are some pics from that day. Enjoy!

Starting any successful BBQ off right involves a good amount of beer.

Sonochka, Nastya and myself



Even more.


Pretty girls

Vanya smothering Dasha




Me being sexy as usual (melon boobs).

This has nothing to do with the day at the Zaliv, but decided to post it anyways- home made BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, greek salad and onion mashed potatoes. Am I doing it right?

"Bitchok" which I think is the Russian variant of the Goby fish- usually smoked and eaten with beer. Delicious!


Zhenya and his cute daughter- Milana


Drool any?

Nastya eating the other other white meat- BABY IT'S WHATS FOR DINNAAA