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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My walk to school

This is my daily walk to school. I know it's a bit late to show this since i've got exactly a month until I leave. However, at my COS meeting in September, our country director recommended that we take a picture of things that we wanted to remember, and considering it's so beautiful out recently with the fall colors I decided now is as good of a time to do this as ever. Here is my daily walk which takes a whole 5 minutes. 

The door to my building.

My front yard.

The path that leads from my building.

The soccer field in front of my building.

Main path towards the center.

Leaf piles everywhere.

Preparing for winter.

Almost can see school.


The main street that runs in front of my school.

So happens it's called "Shkolnaya" street (school street).

There it is in all its glory (behind the tractor).

Front end.

Tree in our front entrance.

My classroom on the end of the hall on the left on the third floor.

Dasha teaching our first form. GOOD MORNING TEACHER!

Max, quit picking your nose guy!

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