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Friday, November 2, 2012

Pics of the past month.

Paintball in Armyansk
Nastya is getting excited to get shot by me.
Posin' with our new camo clothes.
Girls looking G.

DuVale and Chris came up for the fun from Dzhankoy.

Here we go!

Waiting for the games to begin.

Nastya showing us how it's done.

Coming back from a round. I won :)

Team winners!

Chris decided to rub his sweat all over Nastya.

Nastya doesn't look that sad.

Team Yellow.

That one is thanks to me.
That one is thanks to Chris.

School No. 1 6b Bazaar night.
Presenting the food.


Apple eating contest.

Blindfold speed walk. Cheating was on hand.

Phil rockin' the trombone (I think that's a trombone?)
Little Lera showing off the food.

Our director showing the bounty she bought from the students!

School No. 1 Halloween

Zombie witch and regular witch.

Becoming a mummy.

Can't. Breath.

Dominica looking stoked on becoming a mummy.

Wrappin' up.

Teams putting the final touches on their mummies.

Zaichik and Mummy.

Nastya and her mummy.

Regina and the mummies. Sounds like a good band name to me.

It's like the zombi apocalypse- instead of brains they want candy. Scary.

Director shooing students.

Director gave Anna 50 griven for having in her opinion the best costume.
Anna was nice enough to use that money to buy everyone that came to our party candy.

Bobbin for dem apples.

The costume contestants.

Max: the dancer.

Freddy cougar and joker man.

Nice umbrella.

Best costume in my opinion: Gopnicks.

This was up at my friend Katie's school. The seminar emphasized the practice
 safe sex and the ways of  transmission of HIV.

Me and da girls.

No means no Nathan.

Posing with the best clock ever: Putin and Medvedov as the background.

Shashlik dinner of night #1. 

Alex , myself andthe beautiful Gretchka Chesnok (Dara).

Literally spells in cyrillic "time out".

Gulyatin' (walking).

The Lavra of Svetagorsk.

The Crew.

The stairway up.

Up close.

The Jews in front of the church.
Me looking like a hairless cat next to Mr. Bolnik.
Smetana smearing on the skin (sour cream).

Us with Yura after he beat the crap out of us with birch leaves in traditional Russian Sauna style.

Lez go.

Nom nom nom.

Nathans strategy: play the man, not the frisbee.

Playing 500. East coast three flies up.

Dara crushed me. Ow.

Katie rescuing our frisbee from the horse.
I love these two clustermates. I'll miss you guys a lot.

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