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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final moments

The last days at my school have come and gone. It's surreal that i'm done with school. I don't really believe it still. I had a great last day with a feast and some awesome photo sessions with students. They showed me so much love and appreciation, i'll never forget them. Here are the pictures. I miss them already. 

5A Class group 1

5A Class group 2

6A Class

3A Class

4A Class

11A Class

7A Class

6b Class

3b Class
Girls from my 5b Class.

Girls from my 9A Class. I'm sorry but the class photos came out blurry with 9A :(

Danil getting close and personal.


Pizza with my name on it that 10A made for me.

10A Class and our final meal together
Dasha showing the class student recipes.

Delicious food that they made

Getting ready to eat.

10A girls and I goofing off after eating.

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